AC Machines (Asynchronous and Synchronous)

Gauteng Armature Winders specializes in the repair of asynchronous induction motors, both squirrel cage and wound rotor types. We also repair Synchronous machines, both electromagnetic excited as well as permanent magnet types.

AC High Frequency Motors

Gauteng Armature Winders specializes in the repairs of high frequency motors used in aircraft applications and compressor applications up to 400Hz.

DC Motors

We offer repairs and rewinding of DC motors and Generators, we also offer our client the option of a conversion from DC to AC, in this case we supply the customer with an AC motor and an AC variable speed drive. The conversion is carried out in house with accurate design parameters such as DC power factor and AC motor power. A turn key solution is offered including the control system, application integration and commissioning.

AC Motor Design and Rebuilds

Gauteng Armature Winders offers our clients full motor designs and modifications. Our designs are done by our engineers using our own developed motor design software, all environmental and operational parameters are carefully considered. Our modifications include: Voltage adjustments, Duty cycle adjustments, Frequency changes, Inverter ready motor modification, Motor protection devices, Motor on-line wireless monitoring and IP (Ingress Protection) upgrades.

AC Motor Control and Protection

Gauteng Armature Winders offer a wide range of variable speed drives and electronic soft starters for any application, all design and development is done in-house. We also offer real time motor protection whereby we use smart relays designed to the client requirements.

In our VSD applications we advise our clients to accommodate IEC standards to the motor as to ensure reliability of the motor when powered with a VSD, these include:

  • The use of inverter grade copper wire,
  • Insulation of the first and last turn per coil,
  • Insulation of the non-drive end bearing housing,
  • Installation of Micro-fiber rings to the non-drive end for bearing protection.

AC and DC Electromagnetic Brake Repairs

Gauteng Armature Winders offers repairs to three phase AC brakes and DC brakes used on eddy current motors, brake motors and crane motors.