GAW Electric Motor Service Management

Gauteng Armature Winders electronic service notification product. The EMS informs the end user and the service provider when services are due via email. The objective is to manage customer assets and destructive damage through preventative maintenance.

Variable Speed Drives

A wide range of VSD’s are offered for any application, Gauteng Armature Winders offers a turn key solution from design to commissioning. Services include AC motor control and DC to AC motor system conversions, closed loop and open loop systems.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Gauteng Armature Winders offers PLC Automation and On-line monitoring using various products from design to commissioning.

Smart Relays

Gauteng Armature Winders offers real time motor protection. As per our customers requirements we protect the motor from over-current and earth fault protection.

SABS Approved Electric Motors

Gauteng Armature Winders offers a wide range of SABS approved OEM motors at a competitive price with a 2-year warranty. Rating available up to 2MW and 11KV.

GAW Forced Cooling Ventilation Fans

Gauteng Armature Winders offers forced cooling ventilation for motors operation at various speeds via variable speed drives as to sustain motor cooling at rated load. Forced cooling fans are available in all standard OEM frame sizes at voltages including: 220V single phase, 400V three phase and 525V three phase.

Shaft Current Rings for VSD Applications

Gauteng Armature Winders offers shaft current rings that may be fitted to new machines or retrofitted to existing machines that are operated via variable speed drives. The shaft current ring prevents pre-mature bearing failure due to eddy currents and high frequency charges crossing the air-gap of the motor. These currents circulate from the stator to the rotor via the bearings, the bearings behave as a capacitor while the bearing lubrication act as the dielectric. The lubrication then charges and discharges like a capacitor which in turn pits the bearing races and carbonizes the lubrication making it in-effective.