Lifting Equipment

Gauteng Armature winders has various material handling equipment including:

  • Main Electric 5 Ton Overhead Crane
  • 3 Ton Forklift
  • Various 2 Ton electric mono-rail cranes over individual departments

Mechanical Workshop

Our mechanical workshop is capable of accommodating rotors and stators up to 600kW and includes:

  • Large free-standing drill press
  • 2 x Large lathes
  • Milling Machine

Water Pump Test Equipment

Gauteng Armature winders is capable of testing Submersible pumps in our 2m deep water tank which can accommodate pumps up to 400kW.

Hydraulic Pullers and Presses

Our facilities include vertical and horizontal hydraulic presses for the removal of couplings and bearings, these include:

  • 75 Ton horizontal mobile electric hydraulic press
  • 50 Ton free-standing vertical press
  • 20 Ton free-standing vertical press
  • Various mobile hydraulic bearing pullers

Induction Bearing Heaters

Our Standard Operating Procedure for the fitting of bearings is achieved using closed loop temperature feedback induction heaters, these include;

  • 2 x SKF induction bearing heaters
  • 1 x Mobile SKF induction bearing heater for on-site service

Burn-out Oven

Gauteng Armature Winders utilizes the burn-out oven technique as per our Standard Operating Procedure for the removal of windings from the stator core. Our electric temperature regulated burn-out oven is a dual-purpose oven performing both functions of curing and burn-out.

Electric Motor Design Software

Gauteng Armature Winders has developed our own electric motor design program certified by Mr Henry du Preez (Pr Eng). This allows as to offer reliable winding designs and modifications to any electric motor and transformer.

Test Equipment

Gauteng Armature Winders has various hi-tech testing equipment which deifferentiates as from our opposition, this test equipment allows as to sustain motor efficiency and motor reliability post repair. Our test equipment includes;

  • Itig II Winding Analyzer: Capable of performing Surge tests, HiPot AC tests, Low Resistance testing and temperature corrected Mega Ohm testing.
  • Core Loss Tester: Our standard operating procedure includes before and after stator and rotor core loss testing. This allows us to determine the integrity of the stator and rotor laminated iron cores and insulation, we can therefore insure that the motor is both repairable and reliable post the repair.
  • Pressure Tester: Our pressure tester can perform insulation breakdown tests up to 6000VDC.
  • Rotor Bar Tester: Rotor bar testing is perform using the growler test technique, bar to bar comparison is achieved by voltage measurement.

Efficiency Determination: Our test bay has a build in three phase power meters and a Unitronics PLC/HMI touch screen, through lock rotor and open circuit tests we can measure and determine the motor efficiency to an accuracy of 5 %.